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Shenzhen Green Tech Lighting CO.,LTD was founded in 2008, certified with ISO9001:2008 management system. We are professional Outdoor lighting manufacturer in the LED semiconductive lighting industry who has been all the time devoted to the research, development, manufacturing, selling and design of LED Steet Light, LED High Mast Light, LED Flood Light, LED Tunnel Light and other LED lighting.Through hard working and continuous innovation, we have earned good reputation as one of the larger suppliers  in China.

We have an excellent and professional teamwork, modern production lines, advanced crafts & equipments, and introduced ISO9001:2008 quality managing system, which provided enough guarantee on resource and quality for the rapid growing and strengthening. Now our products are well sold in Europe, America,and Asia market with more extensive popularity in international market. Taking "High Quality", "Lowest Cost ", "Fast Turnover ", "High Efficiency","Satisfy Customers "as goal,your joining and cooperation is welcome!

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Optoelectronics Lab
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Heat Transfer Lab
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Industrial Design Center


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